Market Research is sometimes confused with the Delphi process in operation, however Delphi can be differentiated bin the following ways:-

Delphi specifically asks prescribed questions that are targeted at a group of experts who are selected for their specialised knowledge in the area under discussion,

Secondly the process is repeated for a number of cycles that refine the questions until a point of concensus is reached.

Thirdly the specialists are not able to influence each other’s opinions until the end of the cycle at which point they receive summarised feedback that shares their results and takes them to the next stage of the process.


Lastly the output of the process is frequently a published journal that provides a clear statement of findings and effective supplementary evidence of the validity of the data collection process.

It can be seen that the Delphi process is a more integrated process when compared to market research which is rarely collaborative, infrequently develops a focus or concise direction and does not provide feedback to any other authority than the commissioning client.