When considering a Delphi Technique our clients have frequently spent much thought on the business case for alternative solutions - such as -

  • Committee meetings
  • Analytical and Clinical Testing
  • Seminars
  • Consultative Committees

Each of these can be costed in time and real costs of consultation time and travel. A series of meetings even using teleconferencing quickly adds up to a considerable investment. In the extreme of course analytical testing can not only cost hundreds of thousands but might take years to produce the desired results.

The Delphi Technique can often be carried out in a matter of a few weeks, it can be achieved by working with consultations to match the diary of the individuals who can attend for a few minutes at a time rather than giving up time to travel or attend events with others. It really is an effective use of valuable time.

Of course having carried out a Delphi you will be much better armed to decide whether the business case has sufficient evidence to continue with a bigger investment.